Engagement with Energy & a Smile

A spokesperson is an extension of your brand voice and visual texture. Al has been an on-camera talent for two decades, appearing in over 6,000 TV commercials. He cut his teeth in the automotive business and has carved out a niche in that industry with the motto, “selling without yelling.” However, regardless of the product and whether it’s on-location or in the studio, Al engages and communicates with the camera, not at it. His remarkable difference is his connection and likability.

America’s Fastest On-Camera Talent

Al is masterfully fast as an on-camera talent. What does that mean to you? Less production cost, greater efficiency and productivity and more time to focus on sales. His experience as a director/producer, and actor combined with the sheer amount of time he has spent on camera means you can get in and out with an awesome representation of your brand from an on-camera talent who delivers.