Muckfest MS Emcee-Behind the Scenes

AL at Chicago Muck with Plungers 2014

For an Emcee and entertainer, nothing is as exciting as the exchange with a live audience. As the emcee for MuckfestMS presented by the National MS Society, I have the honor of supercharging “Muckers” in the starting line before each wave. We’re talking about hundreds of crazy people dressed for optimal mud and muck immersion. Most importantly, they are there to help raise money for MS. Here’s a link to a recent blog from the National MS folks. Check it out and learn about Muckin Behind The Scenes!

Al Emerick
Al Emerick is a passionate & energetic entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and organizations move forward through better communication of value and purpose. As a pitch consultant and expert in brand communication, he has been blessed to be able to do what he loves for most of my life. Al founded Al Emerick Productions, LLC in 1998 and has developed over 500 marketing/advertising campaigns and re-branding initiatives, voiced and been on-camera talent for more than 10,000 radio and TV commercials internationally, and emceed/hosted live events for audiences across the country. Al holds an EMBA from Jacksonville University and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida.