Communicating Your Value

What if your employees, management and leadership teams could clearly communicate your company or organization’s value as well as their own individual value? Imagine everyone telling a powerful story for increased sales, enhanced marketing and greater employee productivity and retention!

Today’s business landscape requires a greater focus and attention on brand and storytelling. Leadership and Human Resource departments, Operations, Sales and Marketing teams know this, but struggle with communicating a compelling and authentic message. This is our sweet-spot.

We are brand storytelling and pitch experts who help organizations and people find their voice and tell an authentic story. Internal facing initially, our approach is uniquely experiential, interactive and extremely fast. Short and long-term takeaways include: (A) a deeper understanding of value with a set of cohesive and powerful pitches (B) a collection of language, themes and campaigns for Sales, Marketing and Human Resource teams to deploy (C) a flexible and nimble tool to accompany future growth and development for sustainability.

We solve three core challenges:
  • How to best communicate your value and brand?
  • How to best develop messaging quickly and powerfully?
  • How to best align stakeholders around one voice?

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Simple, Fun & Faster Than You Can Imagine!

Our process is called ValueGifting and includes a whiteboard, your ideas, and our proprietary 5-step process. To deliver your gift, we use an approach called LEAP:

[L]aughter — Through laughter, your teams are more open to learning…
[E]ngagement — This learning prompts greater engagement which leads to greater interaction and awareness…
[A]ctualization — Through greater engagement, we begin to help stakeholders apply what they’ve learned and there is an actualization…
[P]erformance — The actualization is played out through individual and team performance which leads to greater production…

Working with industry, non-profit, individuals and start-ups, we help you arm leadership, Operations, Marketing, and Human Resources teams with a strong base from which to tell a great story. Ideal environments include New Brand Launch/Re-branding, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Ventures/Start-ups, Marketing/Culture change/transition, Board Development and Fundraising. Everyone and everything has unique value, what’s yours? Find out today!

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